A Summer Oasis – From Beginning To End

Well it’s official, summer has finally come to an end! Wanted to share with anybody a project that started from a very raw beginning and turned into a great summer oasis. If you’re having trouble visualizing what you can do with your landscape, call Unique at 404-691-9310. Let us bring your landscape to life. … [Read more...]

Freshening up an old landscape project

This landscape renovation project started in 2008 with a total hardscape renovation of the front landscape. After the hardscape project was completed Unique came back in and landscape to accent the architectural of the home and the new sidewalk area. Over the years the landscape has matured and this spring we went back and did little bit of touchup of the original project to further extend the … [Read more...]

Combinations and colors for year-round interest

With all this rain we’ve had the last couple of days, it’s amazing how our landscapes can come back to life. A textured, colorful landscape installation Plan for a year-round landscape with a combination of ingredients   This colorful landscape installation is a combination of perennials, annuals, conifers and flowering shrubs. Balancing structure, color and … [Read more...]

Add a pop to your landscape with these dependable perennials

If you have full sun in your garden here are some great perennials and ornamental grass to brighten up the landscape and some. We incorporated these perennials in with the spring seasonal color for the entryway of this subdivision which added a further layer of summer color. Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia f. Goldstum) Summer Perennials Russian Sage (Perovskia … [Read more...]

Irrigation Tips For This Hot, Dry Summer

The weather is heating up quickly here in the Atlanta, and it appears that we are going to be in for a very hot and dry summer. My gardening friend Walter Reeve has put together some great tips on how to manage your irrigation and be compliant with local regulations as far as watering. He has included links to the most up to-date drought and watering rules for the state of Georgia, which state … [Read more...]

Is your Zoysia grass having a problem greening up this spring?

Zoysia grass is a very durable and sustainable turf, but it has some downfalls, especially coming off our wet winter.  Some areas in your yard may not be greening up as normal and may appear dead.  This is being caused by Zoysia Brown Patch. Zoysia Brown patch is the most damaging disease to Zoysia. Excessive moisture and high nitrogen fertility levels often lead to the outbreaks. The disease … [Read more...]

Ambrosia Beetles are a serious problem in the landscape.

We have a menacing pest that has caused more damage over the last 10 years to the landscape trees than any other insect in the Atlanta area. This random and non selective pest preys on unsuspecting trees.  It lays it’s eggs on the bark and then the larvae bore into the tree.  At this point, it is certain death of the tree. Home owners have a few products available to them that contain the … [Read more...]

Great botanical garden to visit if you’re in North Carolina!

The Sarah Duke Botanical Garden in Durham, North Carolina is on the campus of Duke University. This garden was once a rock quarry that was converted into a beautiful plant exhibit. I would definitely recommend coming in early spring and again in the fall to enjoy the seasons of color and the many unique plants that offer a beautiful rolling landscape. With terrace gardens, woodland paths, … [Read more...]

Is there a perfect plant for your landscape?

Well there’s never perfect plant but at Unique Environmental, we think that the Distylium shrub is almost there. Distylium is an evergreen shrub that offers three varieties - Distylium Vintage Jade, which is the low-growing variety, Blue Cascade is mid-sized and Emerald Heights is the tallest. When you are planning your landscape, you need a canvas to get started, and Distylium serves as a … [Read more...]

Your landscape will not last forever

Before After Many homeowners believe once they complete an installation project, they will never have to do any more planting again. The truth is, even the best designed and installed landscape will need tweaking as it ages, and as the horticultural plant life cycle comes to an end. A well-designed landscape can typically grow and mature for about five to seven years before things need … [Read more...]