Seasonal Color

Unique Environmental Landscapes Seasonal Color OptionsAnnual color in flowerbeds provide your property with a seasonal selection of wow-factor plant accents. Seasonal color can have more visual impact on your landscape than any other design element. Conversely, nothing has a more negative impact than a poorly planned or maintained color.

Unique Environmental has professional horticulturists who help you choose the right annual varieties and stunning color combinations.

  • Let us help you select specific annuals that are right for every time of year.
  • We’ll properly prepare the soil and plant flowers where they will thrive.
  • And, we’ll ensure proper drainage as needed by the specific plants selected.

By having us schedule your residence, community, or commercial property with routine seasonal flower bed installations, you will always have something in bloom, ensuring color, texture, and visual interest graces your landscape.

GardenTip-iconWatering color is VERY important. Beds should be irrigated and watered 2 to 3 times per week. They should be watered long enough for the water to seep in 4 to 6 inches for a good soak.

Call us today with any questions about integrating seasonal color into your landscape.
Unique Environmental Landscapes Seasonal Color Blend