Ambrosia Beetles are a serious problem in the landscape.

We have a menacing pest that has caused more damage over the last 10 years to the landscape trees than any other insect in the Atlanta area. This random and non selective pest preys on unsuspecting trees.  It lays it’s eggs on the bark and then the larvae bore into the tree.  At this point, it is certain death of the tree.

Ambrosia Beetles ComboHome owners have a few products available to them that contain the active ingredient, permethrin or bifenthrin, that may be sprayed on the trunk, such as certain Spectrum, Ortho, and Bayer Advanced products.  Examine the label for these active ingredients for some type of borer listed on the label. “Granulate Ambrosia” beetle will not specifically appear on the label. You are better off doing everything that you can to reduce the stress of the tree or shrub in hopes that the plant will outgrow the attacks. Organic products such as Pyrenone or PyGanic may be used, but are expensive and may not be available in small amounts. Their effectiveness has not been well studied.

If your trees have been infested, you can also call some of the local tree services that have certified arborists on staff and offer spray programs for protecting your trees from this problem.

Please click the link below that will help you to diagnose and react to any of these problems in your landscape.  Once the trees are infested, quick removal of the tree, then following up with treatment to other ornamental trees is important.

Walter Reeves, our gardening friend has additional information:…/asian-ambrosia-beetle-control/