Community Service

Unique Environmental Landscaping believes that we should all help support the communities in which we work, so we cheerfully make contributions to the following organizations:

The Southeastern Horticultural Society (SHS)

Southeastern Horticultural SocietyThe Southeastern Horticultural Society (SHS) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to promoting the knowledge, art and enjoyment of horticulture throughout the Southeastern U.S. Unique has contributed over the past 14 years in the following ways:
• Unique was represented on the board, 2008-2011

Received “Corporate Award of Excellence” for volunteer efforts
• Exhibited show garden at annual Southeastern Flower Show for 10+ years
• Served as a speaker at educational sessions during the Flower Shows
• Donated over $10k of materials to the SFS
• Provided bi-weekly maintenance services at the East Lake Community Learning Garden
• Contributed to Legacy Garden, 2006 

Wesley Woods Hospital

Wesley Woods HospitalUnique maintains a relationship with Wesley Woods Hospital through the horticultural therapist and has donated various landscape services, most recently the provision of a three-man crew for a full day of pruning of the gardens.

Georgia Urban Ag Council (UAC)

Urban Ag Council

Georgia Urban Ag Council (UAC) formerly Metro Atlanta Landscape & Turf Association (MALTA)
• Served on the board from 2007 – 2010 acting as secretary, treasurer, and vice-president respectively
• Habitat for Humanity: Unique participated in three different projects by donating plant materials and labor, 2008-2010
• Atlanta City Hall Green Roof Project with MALTA: Unique provided labor for plant installation

Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club• Field of Dreams’ project, 2006: Refurbished overgrown football field and created a multi-use field for youth activities
• Youth basketball programs: Todd Guilmette, owner, has coached community basketball programs for the last 12 years
• Mansour Center and Center for Human Resources, 2012: Unique designed a plan for a community garden
• 2010, Donated $500 in materials as well as labor for plant installation at Mansour Center
• 2011, Donated over $200 of material and labor for plant installation

Midvale Elementary School

Midvale ElementaryContributed various landscape services to Midvale Elementary School in Tucker, McClure Middle School in Kennesaw.