Warm days make us think of spring color

Purple Green Plant_2As the days get warmer we start thinking about sprucing up our flower beds and pots for the coming spring. But let’s not forget the pansies that we planted last fall. Coming out a wet winter these warm days will bring the pansies back to life. Ideally supplementing them with a liquid fertilizer would help the pansies reach their potential through late April.

If you’re thinking of planting summer color always keep in mind the last frost date in your area. Mother Nature’s will remind us being first to plant can sometimes be a mistake.

Unique has put together some summer seasonal color blends for you to think about as you plan out your beds. We have something for every location, sunny areas and shady spots along with choices for your decorative planters to try out this year.

One thing you will notice that we do not have any Vinca in is blends this year. It is good to rotate out plant material from year to year so you don’t build up any kind of soil viruses or fungus very similar to what affects Vinca if you plant them every year. Rotating your color blends from year to year helps eliminate any of those problems.

Also remember, your most successful plantings will come from preparation and amending the soil. Adding Mushroom compost, chicken compost and good organic topsoil will help your flowers thrive throughout the summer.