Combinations and colors for year-round interest

With all this rain we’ve had the last couple of days, it’s amazing how our landscapes can come back to life.


A textured, colorful landscape installation

Plan for a year-round landscape with a combination of ingredients


This colorful landscape installation is a combination of perennials, annuals, conifers and flowering shrubs. Balancing structure, color and texture are important ingredients when planning a year-round landscape. From a formal planting to a more eclectic relaxed landscape installation plant selection is important to bring you the year-round interest.

Here are some great links for finding out what plant might work best for your landscape:

Fall soon will be approaching and another ideal planting season will be upon us. If you want to bring some color back into a tired landscape by renovating – or if you’re just starting from scratch, Unique Environmental can help. We bring the ideas and the creativity, along with the planning and execution for any sized project.

So put us on your to-do list for this fall.