Irrigation Tips For This Hot, Dry Summer

lawnsprinklerwaveThe weather is heating up quickly here in the Atlanta, and it appears that we are going to be in for a very hot and dry summer.

My gardening friend Walter Reeve has put together some great tips on how to manage your irrigation and be compliant with local regulations as far as watering. He has included links to the most up to-date drought and watering rules for the state of Georgia, which state that:

“Persons may irrigate outdoors daily for purposes of planting, growing, managing, or maintaining ground cover, trees, shrubs, or other plants only from  4 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.”

Alongside these important rules, Reeve’s list of valuable information includes a Georgia Drought Map, and detailed information on watering trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns during the summer season.

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