Common Landscaping Mistakes

Marietta Landscaper Tips - Atlanta Garden MistakesAvoid The Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

HGTV recently shared some of the biggest landscape mistakes and we thought we’d summarize some of our favorites – and add our expert comments, as well. Remember, the best way to avoid a landscape disappointment or disaster is to simply give us a call. A professional landscaper understands how to design, install and maintain an outdoor area that thrives.

Mistake: Using Excessive Lawn Ornamentation

We agree with the HGTV experts! Homeowners often over-accessorize, just as one can add too many rings or scarves to an outfit. Too many decorative items can distract from the beauty of the natural landscape. When we have completed a landscape, you can be assured that it has just the right look and feel. But, if you feel compelled to add something, ask yourself why are you putting it there and how it fits into the context of your overall design. It’s best to stick with one crisp choice. One little whimsical statement has impact, but several – not so much.

Mistake: Not Recycling

If you conduct the yard maintenance yourself, do you recycle? We do and are careful to ensure that your outdoor area is left clean and pristine. HGTV points out that yard projects tend to produce a good amount of waste, which most people don’t realize when they set out to do the work. They suggest that instead of tossing out the branches, clippings and other debris, dispose of them in an eco-friendly way. You can create a compost pile and return those elements to your beds later on. In fact, you can contact us for rainwater harvesting and other irrigation needs. 

Mistake: Adding Plants to the Wrong Area

Understanding sunlight, drainage and aesthetic beauty are key parts of how we ensure your landscape looks gorgeous year-round, but many people who add plants or attempt to landscape on their own do not take into consideration the proper sunlight and exposure for their plants. If you are compelled to start your own garden or add a favorite plant, be sure to pay attention to the little tag that you get when you buy the plant. Also consider the final size of the plant. If you have made some planting mistakes and your area looks overgrown or disheveled, be sure to give us a call. We are experts are  revitalizing and making over existing landscapes.

Mistake: Not Keeping a Room with a View

One of our favorite suggestions from HGTV is to remember the view of the landscape from all angles. Your landscape should be designed to provide joy not only from the street, but from the inside of the house, too. What does it look like from the guest bedrooms or the kitchen window? In addition to our design, you can contribute to color at every angle by creating containers with some of our seasonal color suggestionsPlace your containers where you want them, and then go inside and look look through every major window to see what they’ll look like before you plant.