Create a Garden That Thrives in the Marietta GA Area

marietta landscape maintenance companyBrilliant flowers and hearty landscapes with plenty of year round interest are two of the spectacular benefits of gardening in Georgia. Giving your yard a touch of your own personality is important in every season, but you can really express yourself in the spring and summer with all that color and fragrance has to offer. You may have missed the beautiful early spring bulbs, but you can start planning both for this summer and for spring of next year! (NOTE: If you are ready to get that outdoor living space project moving, remember that Unique Environmental Landscapes serves Marietta, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Vinings, Decatur and the surrounding areas. We are here to help.)

In fact, your summer planning should include stress-free perennials, such as Alyssum and Candytuft, and gorgeous native plants that are ideally suited for a southern yards. Often these native selections combine stunning flowers with amazing fragrance, as well. Understanding the climate in in Georgia is paramount to correct plant selection, because we certainly go through a real hot spell – or two. We advise trying out some extra tough varieties that do not require a lot of your TLC to thrive, and our experts have some gorgeous suggestions for you: Click here to view our 2014 Seasonal Selections

About Georgia’s Plant Hardiness Zones & Georgia Landscaping Ideas

Georgia’s USDA plant hardiness zones range from 7 to 9. This varied range means gardeners in this area of the U.S. can plant an assortment of plants, but you need to be aware of your zone and take into consideration recent fluctuations. Here are a couple of gardening ideas to get you off on the right “green thumb” if you’d like to add a thing or two to your landscape.

Use the Spring Bulbs (Start planning for next year)

Spring bulbs tell you spring has arrived! Daffodils are spectacular and will bloom early to mid-spring. Most of them are yellow in color, but you may also find them in a cream color, orange and even pink. tulips are another great selection and they bloom from mid- to late spring in an array of colors. Or, maybe irises are more your style. They bloom in late spring in outstanding yellows, blues, violets and white. Even with a Unique Environmental-installed landscape, you may receive bulbs from family or friends as “pass alongs”. Don’t be afraid to include them in your garden.

Consider a Perennial Wildflower Bed

Georgia really does have the best of both worlds for landscapers. Our winters are mostly mild (as along as the polar vortex doesn’t come along!) and the summers last a while. Lots of perennial plants do very well in Georgia. Here at Unique Environmental, we understand the Atlanta, Georgia climate, the range of weather and how plants will respond to it. We also work hard to determine YOUR individual style. If you like more of a cottage garden feel, let us know during the consultation and design process .

Whether you choose to add plants to your landscape yourself or you partner with the design experts at Unique Environmental to create the Atlanta landscape of your dreams, we’ve got you covered and look forward to talking with you.

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