Unique Receives Distinguished MALTA Awards for 2009

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At the MALTA Awards banquet on January 19th 2010, Unique Environmental received three awards for Installation and Green Innovation. The Design Team of Todd Guilmette, Matt Cofer and Erik Rieffel lead the Koushel and Howell Projects.

MALTA is metro Atlanta and Georgia’s premier landscape organization for professionals involved in the landscape design, construction, and maintenance industry.

Every year entries are submitted in early November for projects completed that year, Unique Environmental has been grateful to receive an award every year thus far. This year however, Unique Environmental received the highest honor of Judges Choice Award for Landscape Installation Under $75,000. The project, led by Matt Cofer, was for the Koushel Family and turned out magnificent. 

The Unique Environmental Team will carry this momentum into the Southeastern Flower Show in two weeks!


Koushel Residence (photo taken by Laura Guilmette)

Unique Environmental used the ideas of Mr. Koushel and added our blend of plant texture, and color, as well as hard scape design and installation to create this picturesque and functional landscape.

-Jesse Edmondson

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