Unique Goes Green

P8190122 Approximately one year ago, Unique Environmental contracted Greenco, a food/yard waste recycling company, to manage our maintenance and landscape debris. Everything ‘natural’ from grass clippings, shrub pruning and limbs had previously been sent to landfills to decompose, using landfill space. Now, we store it on our property until ‘chipping’ day. Unique’s first ‘chipping of the pile’ generated 122 tons of reusable compost and Unique expects close to 200 tons this fall preventing almost 400 tons of waste from being dumped in local landfills. After the debris is chipped and ground into fine particles, it’s sent to south GA where it is composted and sold. Of course, Unique then purchases this product (we buy our own waste!!) and uses it in landscape and seasonal color beds. Our first delivery will be this fall when we will complete the circle of recycling. 

Unique has definitely chosen this process for its long-range affect on the environment over its budgetary savings. Basically, we have redirected almost all the annual expense of disposing of the waste to recycling it.  Then we repurchase the composed organic material. Unique views the process as being good stewards and it’s just part of our contribution to the environment and community. We have to start somewhere for the future.