Atlanta Landscaping Tip: It’s Time to Lime!

Even when your Bermuda and Zoysia turf is dormant, there are things that can be done over the next couple of months to prepare your lawn for a beautiful spring green-up.  In the Atlanta metro area, we recommend applying lime during the fall and winter months because it will treat the soil, not the grass. Applying it now allows it to break down and change the soil pH for the warm spring days to … [Read more...]

Compost Your Leaves This Fall

Starting now and through January, the site of landscape companies using motorized leaf blowers or family and friends hand powering a leaf rake will be a common site all across Atlanta and North Georgia.  Leaf drop on properties depends on the varieties of trees within the community. Before bagging or burning leaves, please keep in mind that allowing leaves to fall and decompose in natural areas or … [Read more...]

It’s Aerating and Overseeding Time in Atlanta

After our hot, dry weather most of this summer in Atlanta, mature plants begin to slow down their reproduction rate. Since a blade of grass lives only an average of 45 to 60 days, production of new growth must continually outpace the dieback of older leaves. Young grass will produce new growth faster than older grass. Therefore, one of the most important secrets to maintaining a healthy, thick … [Read more...]

Install a New Zoysia Lawn Before September 30th

If you are thinking about installing a zoysia lawn, keep in mind that it's best to have it installed by September 30. It does not do well if you install it after that date as it doesn't establish a good root system over a cold winter. You can still install Bermuda sod year around. … [Read more...]

Irrigating for Fall

It's time to start thinking about adjusting your irrigation system by reducing the watering schedule for turf zones. Typically, the number of days and time allotted per zone can be reduced this time of year. If the turf zone is currently running 20 to 30 minutes at a time, it can be reduced to about 15 minutes and at least one less watering per week.....saving on the water bill isn't a bad thing … [Read more...]

Time for Preemergence Application

Preemergence is effective in controlling summer annual weeds and certain annual broadleaf weeds. The length of control depends on the specific product being used, soil, physical and chemical properties, soil moisture levels, and soil temperatures. Preemergence can be most effective on Crabgrass if it is applied before the seed germination process. Crabgrass initiates spring germination when soil … [Read more...]

Summer tips for keeping your lawn healthy

Everyone enjoys a nice residential lawn, it’s not hard to have a beautiful lawn, just follow a few simple landscape maintenance guidelines. This is the first of a series of ‘landscape tips’ to be provided on Unique’s blog, please check back often: Your lawn is a garden of grass plants, not a rug, and it needs nutrients to grow. Grass clippings that are properly mulched and left on the lawn … [Read more...]

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity & Unique Environmental Landscapes

Unique Environmental Landscapes and MALTA are coordinating efforts with Habitat for Humanity for their third year in a row next Saturday March 13th.Unique Environmental Landscapes will have staff volunteers helping to assign tasks for the event and working with the materials available to create new living spaces for families on Pryor Road and Bagwell Drive.If you are interested in volunteering … [Read more...]

Rich’s Winter Recommendations

What will this toe numbing, water pipe-busting, shiver-inducing weather do to our vulnerable southern plants? The weather is anything but predictable as we all know, but the last few years have really been doozies when it comes to extremes!  Drought followed by ridiculously heavy rainfall and now freezing weather hanging around for over a week.  What is a landscape to do?  Let’s deal with the … [Read more...]