Unique has “Award Winning” Year with Urban Ag Council (UAG)

Unique is one of the longer standing members of the Georgia Urban Ag Council (UAG,) formerly known as MALTA. Once again for 2014 they had numerous award-winning landscape entries for their projects in the Atlanta and Georgia market. During the annual UAG awards banquet in February they took home: 3 Grand awards, the top award presented by UAG 2 Distinction awards 1 Merit award In … [Read more...]

Christmas trees can go to good use after the holidays?

Here are some tips for re-purposing a de-decorated tree: Re-decorate the tree with treats for wild birds. Leave the tree in its stand or stand it in a large planter with rocks or sand to steady it. Put it on a deck, porch or patio and decorate it with orange halves, pine cones slathered with peanut butter, suet cakes and small bird feeders. The tree can also gives shelter to small birds on … [Read more...]

Compost Your Leaves This Fall

Starting now and through January, the site of landscape companies using motorized leaf blowers or family and friends hand powering a leaf rake will be a common site all across Atlanta and North Georgia.  Leaf drop on properties depends on the varieties of trees within the community. Before bagging or burning leaves, please keep in mind that allowing leaves to fall and decompose in natural areas or … [Read more...]

Unique Goes Green

Approximately one year ago, Unique Environmental contracted Greenco, a food/yard waste recycling company, to manage our maintenance and landscape debris. Everything ‘natural’ from grass clippings, shrub pruning and limbs had previously been sent to landfills to decompose, using landfill space. Now, we store it on our property until ‘chipping’ day. Unique’s first ‘chipping of the pile’ generated … [Read more...]