Warm days make us think of spring color

Purple Green Plant_2As the days get warmer we start thinking about sprucing up our flower beds and pots for the coming spring. But let’s not forget the pansies that we planted last fall. Coming out a wet winter these warm days will bring the pansies back to life. Ideally supplementing them with a liquid fertilizer would help the pansies reach their potential through late April.

If you’re thinking of planting summer color always keep in mind the last frost date in your area. Mother Nature’s will remind us being first to plant can sometimes be a mistake.

Unique has put together some summer seasonal color blends for you to think about as you plan out your beds. We have something for every location, sunny areas and shady spots along with choices for your decorative planters to try out this year.

One thing you will notice that we do not have any Vinca in is blends this year. It is good to rotate out plant material from year to year so you don’t build up any kind of soil viruses or fungus very similar to what affects Vinca if you plant them every year. Rotating your color blends from year to year helps eliminate any of those problems.

Also remember, your most successful plantings will come from preparation and amending the soil. Adding Mushroom compost, chicken compost and good organic topsoil will help your flowers thrive throughout the summer.

Accents for Partial Shade

These plants will brighten up the shadiest part of your landscape and lend a pop of eye-catching color and beauty all season long.

2015 color accents partial shade (2)

Accents for Full Sun 2015 Color Blends

Our  selection of accent plants for full sun will add a pop of color and texture to any flower bed.  Even during the hottest temperatures in summer, these plants

 will thrive and continue to perform beautifully.   

2015 color accents full sun (2)





Color Blends 2015

Find your Atlanta area landscape inspiration right here!

The design experts at Unique Environmental Landscapes picked these seasonal color blends to create beautiful, eye-catching mass plantings that will perform superbly all season long.


2015 Color Blend One2015 Color Blend Two2015 Color Blend Three2015 Color Blend Four





Unique Plants and Unique Landscapes: Tips for Atlanta

Unique has created many award-winning landscapes in the metro Atlanta area using a wide variety of plant material. We would like to introduce you to three spectacular plants that you may want to consider for a truly unique landscape.

1. Golden Boxleaf Honeysuckle: This is a colorful, mounding small shrub ideal for partially shaded areas. It accents well with hostas, perennials and is an interesting eye-catcher in rock gardens. It will create color accents from spring through winter with its form and cascading foliage.

golden_boxleaf_honeysuckle_1 golden_boxleaf_honeysuckle_2

2. Blue Star Creeper: One of our favorite ground covers, the Blue Star grows in partial shade to full sun. In the late spring it displays a beautiful soft blue flower and continues to grow until winter when it goes dormant. Wouldn’t this look beautiful on your walkway to your outdoor living space?



3. Limelight Hydrangea: Last, but not least, look at this gorgeous hydrangea! These pictures were taken in my own yard and as you can see, the blossoms are plenty and huge. This is a mid to late summer flowering plant that does best in full sun to partial shade. Be sure to give it plenty of room to grow!

LimeLight Hydrangea 1       LimeLight Hydrangea 2

Are you ready to elevate your outdoor living space to something truly spectacular, and then let the professionals provide maintenance so it looks great all year long? That’s what we do best at Unique Environmental. Contact us today and let’s get started on a great project.