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Gorgeous Lake Retreat

A spectacular Lake Lanier getaway with robust landscaping.

Unique plants for your winter landscape

Unique Landscaping PlantsDoes your landscape needs some interest this winter? Try incorporating in these two shrubs and an evergreen perennial into your woodland landscape plantings.

Daphne odora is a classic southern fragrance.

Every southern landscape needs Daphne odora to welcome in the fragrance of winter. This evergreen flowering shrub creates a unique feature to your winter landscape, flowering from late January to early March, depending on weather conditions. Its fragrance summons the thoughts of what spring will be.

Daphne is a great plant for a woodland or shade garden, growing only 3 to 4 feet tall on maturity. Mixed in with plantings of hostas and other later spring blooming perennials, it creates a great seasonal mix for your pathways and woodland garden.

Need a winter flowering fragrant shrub for your landscape?

Think of planting Edgeworthia (Paper Bush) shrub. Edgeworthia flowers in the winter months and is a great woodland plant for your landscape. Mix them in with evergreen ferns or heuchera to create nice woodland plantings that are seasonally interesting.

Upside down tulip? No, it’s Hellebores.

Sometimes that’s what Hellebores (Japanese lantern) look like when they bloom. This winter blooming perennial is quite interesting for a woodland garden landscape. The blooms with shades of pink to white make up the color array of this hardy evergreen perennial. Incorporating again Hosta, evergreen ferns and Heuchera along with other early spring and summery perennials creates a long-lasting array of seasonal interest in your landscape.

Charleston Garden Splendor

Rice Project - Before 1
Rice Project - Before 2
Rice Project - Before 3
Rice Project - Before 4
Rice Project - Before 5
Rice Project - After 1
Rice Project - After 2
Rice Project - After 4
Rice Project - After 5
Rice Project - After 6
Rice Project - After 7
Rice Project - After 8
Rice Project - After 9














Inspired by the natural surroundings, this backyard was transformed.

Outdoor Kitchen Retreat

A bold outdoor statement for an inviting space to cook.

The Color of Paradise

An inspiring use of plants and color for a spectacular presentation.

Lake Retreat in Alpharetta

An elaborate use of stone that create a cohesive, beautiful environment.

Backyard Oasis

Jacobs Project - Before 1
Jacobs Project - Before 2
Jacobs Project - Before 3
Jacobs Project - After 1
Jacobs Project - After 2
Jacobs Project - After 3
Jacobs Project - After 4
Jacobs Project - After 5
Jacobs Project - After 6




A beautiful outdoor environment with unique stone elements.

English Garden Makeover

Gapen Project - Before 1
Gapen Project - Before 2
Gapen Project - Before 3
Gapen  Project - After 1
Gapen  Project - After 2
Gapen  Project - After 3
Gapen  Project - After 4
Gapen 5
Gapen  Project - After 6




An English garden feel that lends itself to a naturally wooded backyard.

4 Reasons to Choose Unique Environmental

In-depth horticultural plant knowledge.

  1. Creativity and implementing your conceptual ideas into a functional and sustainable landscape is our strength. Creating a successful landscape takes texture, color and a cohesiveness with the surrounding environment. These are all strengths that we strive to implement into your projects.
  2. Our vast knowledge of plant material. If it is a colonial, contemporary or cottage garden, our designers know how to select the appropriate plants to fit the scheme and imagination that you are trying to create in all of your landscape projects. Our vast horticultural-based knowledge allows us to select unique plants that distinguish your landscape from others in the neighborhood or community.
  3. Experience and oversight. Put our 25 years in the industry and numerous awards for our residential projects to work for you. Experienced crew members with a minimum of five years working for Unique allow us to create and execute many levels of hardscape and landscape installation projects.
  4. Our passion to create lasting relationships with our clients. The experience of the installation project is just the beginning of our relationship with clients. Offering long-term care and service to your landscape is a focus that partners us with our clients long-term.