Warm days make us think of spring color

As the days get warmer we start thinking about sprucing up our flower beds and pots for the coming spring. But let’s not forget the pansies that we planted last fall. Coming out a wet winter these warm days will bring the pansies back to life. Ideally supplementing them with a liquid fertilizer would help the pansies reach their potential through late April. If you’re thinking of planting … [Read more...]

Accents for Partial Shade

These plants will brighten up the shadiest part of your landscape and lend a pop of eye-catching color and beauty all season long. … [Read more...]

Accents for Full Sun 2015 Color Blends

Our  selection of accent plants for full sun will add a pop of color and texture to any flower bed.  Even during the hottest temperatures in summer, these plants  will thrive and continue to perform beautifully.            … [Read more...]

Color Blends 2015

Find your Atlanta area landscape inspiration right here! The design experts at Unique Environmental Landscapes picked these seasonal color blends to create beautiful, eye-catching mass plantings that will perform superbly all season long.           … [Read more...]

Unique has “Award Winning” Year with Urban Ag Council (UAG)

Unique is one of the longer standing members of the Georgia Urban Ag Council (UAG,) formerly known as MALTA. Once again for 2014 they had numerous award-winning landscape entries for their projects in the Atlanta and Georgia market. During the annual UAG awards banquet in February they took home: 3 Grand awards, the top award presented by UAG 2 Distinction awards 1 Merit award In … [Read more...]

Atlanta Landscaping: How to Prune Your Roses

Valentine's Day means much more than just a card and box of chocolates here at Unique Environmental Landscapes - it also means it is time to prune your roses! Todd has a few tips to share with our Atlanta metro area commercial and residential customers about how to best prune those roses to ensure a beautiful outcome later this year.   Post by Unique Environmental Landscapes. … [Read more...]

Atlanta Landscaping Tip: It’s Time to Lime!

Even when your Bermuda and Zoysia turf is dormant, there are things that can be done over the next couple of months to prepare your lawn for a beautiful spring green-up.  In the Atlanta metro area, we recommend applying lime during the fall and winter months because it will treat the soil, not the grass. Applying it now allows it to break down and change the soil pH for the warm spring days to … [Read more...]

Unique Environmental Wins Prestigious GA Urban Ag Council Awards

The Georgia Urban Ag Council has recognized Unique Environmental Landscapes with a number of prestigious awards for their work on residential and commercial (HOA) landscape projects throughout the Atlanta metro area. We are thrilled that the judges recognized the value of our work. Entry Category: Residential under $50,000 Design/Build/Installation Award Earned: GRAND Entry … [Read more...]

Atlanta Landscaping: How to Prune Your Crape Myrtle

  One of the most common questions we receive revolves around the proper maintenance and pruning of crape   myrtles, those workhorses of the Atlanta landscape. We've prepared some simple guidelines to follow for pruning your crape myrtle before it breaks out of dormancy: * Start at the bottom and work your way up the tree. * Prune off small sprouts from the trunk. * Limb up the tree by … [Read more...]

2014 Fall Seasonal Color Blends Announced for Atlanta Area

Our picks for the 2014 Fall seasonal landscape color blends are here! Call us today.   … [Read more...]